Kinhos! (aka PerlssDj)’s the alter ego of Marcos Martí, a 30 something Sound Tech and Experimental Composer born in A Coruña (Spain).

Always interested about computers and music, he accidentally stumbled with an earliest version of MixVibes via his housemate and started to mix dark audio collages with film samples and other rare stuff. The first sounds were something like abstract soundscapes with processed voices, library sound FX and Lo-Fi sampled beats.

After three years at University studying to be an Agricultural Engineer and mixing crazy sounds, he decides to have a formation related to audio, so he moves to another city to studying Sound Tech. At this point’s when the PerlssDj project begins, uploading audio experiments almost realtime to a small blog. After some time, the blog grew up, and the number of experiments increased while new music appeared on the net, so the blog started to support artists of the Netaudio and the Netlabel scene.

Along those years he created over 40 different references including audio, video and photo, has remixed several people involved with the Netaudio and Creative Commons community, has released music on platforms like the Mexican netlabel Breathe or the Chinese netlabel Bypass and has supported a lot of new and consolidated composers via this blog. At the same time he performed Dj and Vj sets on local parties such as this one.

He also created his own Downtempo netlabel Superssonica, the Twitter news feed [email protected] about Art and Technology, the Sound Art project El Brillo de Lyra and a small Web Design Project.

With a huge amount of copyleft music influences compiled on this blog and so many commercial others like The Chemical Brothers, Tangerine Dream, The Crystal Method, Enigma, The Freestylers, the Asian Massive Movement, Massive Attack, Orbital, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Rec_Overflow or Bonobo among so many others impossible to mention here because of lack of space, actually his music sounds undefinable, always electronic and dark with a high load of experimentation, from the Ambient Soundscapes of Tai Chi, crossing by the Clicks’n’Cuts of 15300 Btz, the Trip Hop feeling of Cream, the electronic Hip Hop of Confusion or the Glitch contained on Platinum No.ses, you will find a lot of styles onto his music.

Just open your ears and mind and listen, remix, spread the word with the stuff contained here, and if you like it, please support the artist.

Thanks for your listening. Come back soon !!